Couples Harmony - relationships based on love, friendship, partnership, balance, fulfillment and personal freedom

Iris Sovinsky

Couples Harmony – Resources, Method and More

Here you’ll find materials related to relationships in general and to the couplehood you can achieve using the Couples Harmony method in particular. I have developed, written and taught these materials so that you can use them in your life

The resources cover the following subjects: improving the quality of relationships, challenges in relationships, difficulty finding a partner, improving communication in relationships, intimacy with members of the opposite sex, self-fulfillment, and more.

What is Couples Harmony?

The Couples Harmony method is a bridge to achieving a healthy relationship that is right for the times we live in.

The Couples Harmony method opens up the possibility of working with a new relationship model by changing the internal “relationship engine”. This change takes place within the individual, so while the participation of the partner in the process can be beneficial, it’s not essential.

Couplehood  today has changed.  Our relationships used to be about survival, where all that mattered was a roof over our heads, a generation to follow ours, and health.  We have moved to relationships that are more suited to the times we live in – couplehood between two individuals, who want to establish a relationship filled with friendship, love, partnership, personal fulfillment and freedom to be who we are. This is the basis for a healthy relationship in this era.

With the help of the method, we can implement deep and relatively rapid healing of the relationship engine.  As a result, relationship problems that exist outside our inner selves also disappear from our lives.

As the internal engine of the relationship changes, all the components of the relationship are affected and change for the better: communication, mutual respect, acceptance of difference, cooperation, partnership, security and more.

The flow of love in relationships is another issue that is addressed by the Couples Harmony method. With many couples, the flow of love, one of the most important and obvious foundations of relationships, is harmed and becomes weaker.  The couple may not even be aware that this is happening, or why their relationship has changed. The flow of love in a relationship can be restored as we understand the factors that damaged it. More about healing the flow of love in relationships in this article.

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Couples Harmony – Improving Relationships, Self-Fulfillment and Balance

The purpose of this workshop is to help us achieve happy and balanced relationships, through connecting with the inner masculine and feminine parts of our psyche.

The Flow of Love in a Relationship

We all need love. Love is a deep and important basic need, and much of our quality of life depends on it. It’s not surprising that when two people decide to become a couple, they want love to come first in their relationship. This seems obvious at the beginning, but unfortunately, as time passes, many couples do not manage to hold on to the love they yearn for.

Questions and Answers

Working with the feminine and masculine parts within our psyche takes into account their importance to our ability to realize our vision. These parts differ from each other in their essence, and yet only full cooperation between them will allow them to fulfill their mission for us.

The relationship between the feminine and masculine parts within us is determined in our childhood, and is influenced by the relationship between our parents. If there was partnership between our parents, there will also be partnership between these parts.  If communication between our parents was problematic, such communication will also prevail between these parts in ourselves. Not only will the relationships between these parts have an impact on the fulfillment of our vision, we will also reproduce these relationships in our connections with our partner.

Different developmental processes throughout our lives make it possible to change at least part of this important relationship. The encounter between the feminine and masculine parts within us, created within the coaching process, enables relatively easy change and healing of the relationship between them. It also allows us to create the cooperation and friendship that we want to achieve in our relationships with our partners.

Even if in a relationship, one chooses to work and improve the relationship between his own inner feminine and masculine parts without the cooperation of his partner, it can greatly affect the relationship between both partners.

For more information: the method and the article “The vision of relationships in our time and the Couples Harmony method

Couplehood is the choice to live a shared life with another person. Living together creates a partnership for us in various issues in life, such as building a shared home and parenting. Along with everything they share, each spouse is a separate person with their own desires, their own needs and their own fulfillment.

Many times the experiences as a couple at the beginning of our shared path consume a lot of our time and energy. We learn to live and act together, we learn to share experiences and tasks and get to know our own abilities and those of our partner in this new situation, while at the same time, we’ll also develop new strengths for our lives together.

At this stage, at the beginning of the relationship, we tend to lose sight somewhat of ourselves, our needs and our fulfillment. We simply get a little confused by so much that is new, between ourselves and our partners, and then we start to feel less good about ourselves. When it comes to our needs, no one will take care of them as well as we can, even if we are comfortable in a relationship.

Taking responsibility for our lives means taking responsibility for our needs and our self-fulfillment, and it requires us to maintain a certain freedom within the relationship. The freedom we need is: the freedom to be who we are, the freedom to act for our truth, the freedom to act for our self-fulfillment and the freedom to choose how to share our life energy. Without such freedom we cannot have a happy life, with or without a partner.

Understanding and recognizing the need for such freedom, and the fact that it does not contradict our couplehood, constitutes the basis for creating freedom within the relationship. In addition, it is important to reach an understanding with your partner about the importance of such freedom, and to find a way together that both partners can live.

In order to create the appropriate cooperation between the couple on the issue of freedom, it is useful to use the Win-Win dialog also mentioned in the article “Harmonious communication

Our basic needs are needs which, if they are not met, prevent us from having a healthy life. For example: food, drink, sleep, oxygen, together with touch, closeness and more. When a person’s basic needs are not met, he will feel it in his health, energy level and psychological state.

Living in a relationship does not change the need to respond to our basic needs. Many times in a relationship, we find ourselves in situations where we give up on our basic needs.  This can result from a belief that it is impossible to build a life where the basic needs of both partners will be fulfilled, or from not knowing how to fulfill the basic needs of both partners.

Sometimes partners cheat on their spouses because essential basic needs are not being met in their relationship. Paying attention to unmet basic needs in a relationship may prevent sickness and even avert situations where partners may cheat on each other.

Nowadays, when we are all individuals, the question is not if but how. When we take responsibility for our needs and do not offload that responsibility onto others, we can prioritize our needs according to how important we feel they are, and communicate this to our environment to produce understanding and synchronization.

When we agree to be in this space together, the way in which we share it will bring us closer.

The same is true of our feelings. As individuals, once we acknowledge our feelings we can share them with our partner and restore our sense of closeness and synchronization.

So the answer is yes, couplehood of two individuals is possible, and it also makes room for love, self-fulfillment and partnership in building a family.

The Couples Harmony method creates this possibility within us, between the feminine and masculine parts in the subconscious, and from that place it becomes quite simple to reproduce harmony in our relationships in the external world.

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