About the Book

Couples Harmony – Improving Relationships Between Individuals: A Guide

By Iris Sovinsky

A Personal and Innovative Coaching Guide for Improving Couplehood and Self-Fulfillment

Are you interested in learning how to improve relationships and intimacy through working with the subconscious?

How can we balance the subconscious to create vision and self-fulfillment?

Do you want an accessible toolbox that you will be able to use in all of your relationships?

With the help of the information in this book, you’ll be able to create much better relationships, improve your couplehood and your ability to communicate, allow your ideas to move and flow, and create your inner peace. All thanks to a toolbox for optimal couplehood to be found within the pages of an innovative, practical and effective book.

The book is currently in translation. The Hebrew version is available for purchase here. If you want to be informed when the English version is ready, please fill in your details here.

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The Feminine, the Masculine, and the Relationship Between Them

Each of us has subconscious parts – feminine and masculine – that together make up the engine for relationships and fulfillment in our lives.

The feminine and masculine parts of the psyche and the relationship between them are a microcosm of broader existence in our world and especially of the relationships in our lives. The book teaches us about our subconscious and how to use it to improve how we function. The knowledge you acquire in reading the book can be used to improve your relationships both inside and outside your self.

The method and knowledge in the book include practical tools for building an internal framework, that helps us attain fulfillment and personal freedom alongside closeness and partnership.

Reading the book is an inner journey that leads us to create the relationship we want, both within and outside ourselves.

About the Method

“Couples Harmony” is a reliable, proven method for improving couplehood and inviting successful, authentic relationships into our lives, and for healing our existing relationships.

The method was created out of a desire to heal relationships in crisis, and at the same time to learn to benefit, individually and as a couple, from the challenges of the relationship. This can happen as we learn to tap into our capacity for development as individuals and as a couple.  The challenges of the relationship open up our ability to evolve in this way, creating profound change within each partner in the relationship.

Comments About the Book and the Method

This Book Is for People Who Want To…

This book is based on the knowledge and experience I have acquired from 15 years of working with the method in the clinic as a couples therapist, and applying it in my personal life. During that time I followed the development and changes that took place in the lives of those coached using the method, along with the connection they made to feminine and masculine subconscious parts and the good relationship that evolved between these parts.

What's in the Book?


Step-by-step training, towards an independent, available and effective coaching process for healing challenges related to relationships and fulfillment.

Meeting and Connecting

Meeting and connecting with the feminine and masculine parts that are in the subconscious and with the crucial role they play in creating the relationship we desire. Identifying the challenges of the relationship between these parts of the subconscious, and learning how to repair them. Learning how to bring these inner parts into an enduring state of amity, enabling them to work together and complement each other – the kind of connection we want to see in our external relationships.

Explanations, Examples, and Tools

The book includes explanations, examples and practical tools for using in the process of change and decision making. Among other things, it includes self-observation exercises that allow each person to pinpoint what is right for him to invite into his life according to his unique inner structure.

Looking at Relationships

Looking at our relationships with those around us - especially with our partners - in a new light. Opening up new paths to resolve conflict situations, even prolonged ones, through addressing the root of the problem and freeing ourselves from circular arguments.

Practical Knowledge

The book provides practical knowledge that allows us to balance between the spiritual and the material in our psyche, and between the true and the imagined. It also helps us to be more precise, and to connect vision and fulfillment with the help of these two parts in the subconscious, the masculine and the feminine. Heal the relationship between us through healing the relationship between the masculine and the feminine within us

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