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How Does Couples Harmony Coaching Work?

Coaching With the Help of the Parts of the Subconscious

Working with the method makes it possible to access our subconscious parts and our problems directly and effectively, and to work on healing the deepest places within us.

In this way, the coachee can heal, directly and immediately, the precise areas where the imbalance exists that has prevented him, from developing and fulfilling his dreams.

Couples Harmony coaching is suitable for individuals as well as couples. The information we encounter in each partner also becomes part of the couples coaching process.

Couples Harmony coaching is multidimensional and includes a combination of different approaches, each of which allows us to heal different layers within us.

Relationship coaching is suitable for individuals and couples.  The coaching process enables us to use what we learn about the relationship between the parts of the psyche in each of the partners.  This inner relationship in the psyche of each partner reveals itself in the nature of the problems or crises that arise between the two partners.  If someone does not have a relationship, we can encounter the roots of that lack in the subconscious parts within him, and act from that inner place to produce change in his relationships. Some come for coaching because they haven’t managed to create experiences of fulfilment and satisfaction for themselves.  Here, too, we can take the coachee through this process as we access their inner, subconscious parts.  We can improve and heal the way each inner part functions, and how they relate to each other.

Because we’re working with the parts of the subconscious, it is possible to work on the relationship even if only one of the partners participates in the coaching process. The change he will go through will trickle into his relationship and create a new reality for his partner to respond to.

We carry out the encounter with these parts of the subconscious using visualization of the parts of the psyche. Visualization is similar to a process that takes place in guided imagery, but while guided imagery connects us to the imagination, we use visualization to reach the inner parts of the psyche, areas we have no other way to access.  (Visualization is also used in other healing practices, for example in osteopathy, where it is used in order to experience the state of our internal organs).

The role of the inner parts of our psyche is always supposed to be beneficial – they are not intended to harm us. In many cases, their state is the result of life in a world which does not take them into account, and of misguided patterns of behavior that we have absorbed and experienced from our environment. In coaching, we encounter them from a place of empathy and compassion, and from the understanding that they would be happy to do their best for us – each individually, and both of them in full partnership.  Through the coaching process, we also come to understand that if they could do better, they would have done so long ago, but they need our help to improve their functioning.

The same is true in our relationships – when something does not work, it’s not intentional on the part of the couple.  It’s the result of our inability and lack of awareness of how to create the friendship, partnership and intimacy we all want for our relationships. Meeting with Iris and experiencing the special qualities she brings to the coaching space allows anyone who comes to see her, encounter himself even in his weaker areas that need healing, from a place of empathy and compassion, both for himself and for his or her partner.

Benefits of Working With the Method:

  • Couples Harmony reveals our approach towards relationships, and helps us learn different approaches.
  • Couples Harmony teaches us to listen to the voices of our inner parts and to identify what is happening inside ourselves.
  • Couples Harmony helps us recognize when we are projecting the relationship between our inner parts onto our relationships with the outside world.
  • Couples Harmony teaches us how to use appropriate emotional tools that are essential for a harmonious life in general and for a harmonious relationship in particular.
  • Couples Harmony teaches us to create harmonious communication between our inner parts, between the masculine and feminine parts, for example.
  • Couples Harmony also teaches us to create harmonious dialogues externally, with those around us.
  • Couples Harmony enables us to expand our internal dialogue to include issues of fulfillment and purpose.
  • Couples Harmony gives the coachee effective developmental tools, based on the balance between the inner masculine and feminine parts.  These tools can also be applied in our external relationships.

Internal Balance Between the Parts of the Human Psyche

The knowledge that the coach acquires about the best way for the subconscious parts to function, allows him to identify, relatively easily, what is not working internally and thus creating problems externally.  It helps us enter these inner places, and together with the coachee, create the best healing possible for the state he is experiencing.

As part of the process, the coachee learns to recognize the parts of his psyche, identify their state, talk to them and help them with the difficulties they are experiencing. As he learns more, he will be able to progress steadily, even without the coach’s help, after the coaching period is completed.

Working with the method enables the creation of a balance within the human psyche, a balance that brings pleasure and calm to couplehood, and also opens the door to an intimate relationship for a person who has no relationship in his life.

The Flow of Love in a Relationship

An important central theme in a relationship is the flow of love between the two partners. The flow of love is vital to a relationship, and is often what generated the relationship in the first place. When love flows freely in a relationship, the male partner will feel fulfilled and the female partner will be nourished by her partner’s love.

Over time the flow of love between the couple may weaken or even stop. This has a damaging effect on the relationship and on each of the partners, yet it is not always clear what’s happening and what is causing it. In such situations, instead of acting together strengthened by their love as a couple, the partners become weaker and weaker.  Their relationships itself becomes weaker, sometimes even to the point of cheating, breaking the exclusivity of the relationship and even a desire to split up.

In the coaching sessions we will identify the state of the flow of love between the couple.  We will help restore it to its natural function, strengthening the relationship and the couple. More on healing the flow of love in a relationship in this article.

  • The Relationship coaching process can be experienced through face-to-face or remote sessions, in Hebrew or English.
  • Personal Relationship coaching in Couples Harmony establishes an infrastructure for a good relationship, and does not require the involvement of a partner. Couples coaching takes place when both partners participate in creating harmony. In this situation the tools and infrastructure of the method are applied quickly and easily in the couple’s life by both partners, and the cooperation between them begins with the creation of this new situation.
  • The effect of working with this method is already noticeable after a few sessions, and its results can be clearly seen in real life.
  • To schedule an appointment with Iris Sovinsky, please write to us through the Contact Us page on the website.

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