Articles on Couplehood and Relationships

The articles on this page were written to convey broader and deeper knowledge on the following topics: couplehood (healthy couplehood or couplehood in crisis), the ability to actualize an idea or vision in reality, balance between spirit and matter, improving relationships between men and women, the changes in the subconscious relationship engine produced by the method, and in-depth information about Couples Harmony.

I have researched and gathered the information in these articles over many years of experience as a couples coach, and from the use of the method by my clients and in my own life.  I have chosen to present this information here.

The purpose of the articles is to offer us a different perspective on our experiences, whether regarding relationship issues themselves, or other issues that affect our relationships without our knowledge.  As we bring these issues up from the subconscious we can access the insights we have acquired.

Ownership of a reserve of knowledge is no small happiness
The Flow of Love in a Relationship

The Flow of Love in a Relationship

We all need love. Love is a deep and important basic need, and much of our quality of life depends on it. It’s not surprising that when two people decide to become a couple, they want love to come first in their relationship. This seems obvious at the beginning, but unfortunately, as time passes, many couples do not manage to hold on to the love they yearn for.

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Relationship Coaching for Couples- Creating change & Harmony

Creating Change in Relationships With Couples Harmony Coaching

We are sometimes asked how Couples Harmony Coaching differs from other coaching methods. Understanding the difference is very important in order to achieve the best possible results from the method. The objective of this article is to provide that answer for clients, coaches and therapists alike.

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The Vision of Relationships in Our Time and the Couples Harmony Method

The generations that came before us made do with survival. Most of our parents had the same vision: a home, enough food to eat and children with a lucrative profession. Today, this is no longer enough for most of us. Today, we want to be who we are, create new things, have friendships, partnerships and… intimacy.

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Harmonious relationships in marriage using right Communication - Couples Harmony- 2 monkeys communicate with each other

Harmonious Communication

When we initiate communication, whether to share, listen or feel closeness and intimacy, or to convey a hard-to-digest message to our spouse, we always want the conversation to end on a good note. Often this kind of conclusion seems impossible but the truth is that it is possible, when we know how.

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how does the method works- managing the basic needs

Meeting Our Basic Needs

All of us, as human beings, have basic needs. Our very existence, both physical and psychological, is at risk if our basic needs are not met. Fulfilment of these needs is the basis for our ability to function in the world in good health.

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Synchronicity Between Couples- creating Healthy relationship

Synchronicity Between Couples

Two people in a relationship share mutual experiences and mutual understandings, enabling them to live and operate together. In the company of one another there is some kind of a force that acts upon them and creates synchronicity between them.

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