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Iris Sovinsky

Coach and Developer of the Couples Harmony and the Inner Encounter Methods

Iris Sovinsky works with Depth Coaching, a coaching method based on establishing a connection between the individual and his or her inner parts in the subconscious. Her work with the parts of the human subconscious has revealed many possibilities, some of them innovative, and she has used this method to create healing and change in the lives of the individuals and couples with whom she has been working for the past 15 years.

Iris’s work centers on treating couplehood issues, relationships in crisis, inability to attain fulfillment, the balance between spirit and matter, parenting, highly sensitive people, parenting highly sensitive children, releasing emotional blocks, depression and anxiety, and healing traumas. She coaches individuals, couples and families.

Iris Sovinsky is married and a mother of two. In Iris’s own words – “the relationship I have lived since 1990 is the first place where I developed and tested the Couples Harmony method.”


From High-Tech Management to Working With the Parts of the Subconscious

Iris Sovinsky is a graduate of computer science at the Technion and previously worked as a software developer and senior manager in hi-tech companies. During these years she learned to focus on work that produces real results and preferably in a short time.

After studying and practicing Buddhism and other spiritual methods, Iris discovered how to use what was happening in her life in general, and in her relationship in particular, to promote her personal development and that of her relationship. Every time she encountered challenges in her relationship, she determined that she was not ready to miss the opportunity to learn from them – even the most difficult ones.  She then began to see how the events seem to be tailor-made for her development. Iris affirms that every time a challenge in her relationship helped her develop, her personal life as well as her couplehood improved. This helped Iris create tools for building a good relationship and gave her additional insights into relationship issues, which helped her in her work as a couples coach. These tools and insights are now brought together in the Couples Harmony method.

In addition, Iris made the quality of compassion a central tool in her work with individuals and couples, and a tool for healing and strengthening relationships. She also studied the teachings of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, and other methods and approaches, including holistic coaching, healing through trauma reconstruction, holistic group facilitation, anthroposophy, courses in Buddhist psychotherapy and German New Medicine and more.

Anthroposophical knowledge deals, among other things, with the connection between the human subconscious and the layer called the Self. The Self is responsible for the choices that correspond to the inner truth and allows us to direct our lives accordingly. From her anthroposophical knowledge and her continuous connection and work alongside anthroposophical psychiatrist Dr. Hanan Goldman, Iris improved her ability to help her clients reach inner peace, allowing their Self to reappear in their life and direct it according to their inner truth.

Iris Sovinsky combines all this knowledge in her daily work as a couples coach in her clinic and workshops.

women who run with the wolves book cover


Books That Influenced Iris, and Her Own Publications

One of the books that greatly influenced her work and the development of the Couples Harmony method was “Women who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés PhD. In this book, the author presents the inner relationships within our psyche, and focuses on the inner masculine and feminine relationships and the healing processes that these relationships can enable.

Iris wrote her first book “Couples Harmony – improving relationships for individuals: a guide”, over the course of ten years. The book contains a wealth of knowledge and many practical tools for healing relationships and attaining self-fulfillment, using the same methods Iris has been using in her life and her work. You can buy the book here on the website and in bookstores.

Over the years, Iris appeared in the Israeli media at several events.

Publications by Iris Sovinsky:

  • An article on the relationship with the Self appears in the “Poetry of Science” magazine, published in 2020 under the title “The Birth of Individualism”, and can be found on the Weizmann Institute of Science’s Poetry of Science website, on page 182 of the publication.
  • A series of articles on Couples Harmony in the monthly, “Adam Olam”.
  • In addition, some of her articles appear on this website.



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