Workshop – The Flow of Love in a Relationship

Workshop - The flow of love in a relationship

The Flow of Love in a Relationship

The flow of love in relationships seems obvious and natural for all of us. But historically and even personally we all encountered events that have held back or even blocked the natural flow of love in our relationships.

Within our relationship, we and our partner will experience things that will block our ability to love, or even to receive love. The flow of love, one of the most important foundations of a relationship, will be blocked. We’ve seen this so often in relationships that we aren’t able to see the reasons for it in our own relationships.  We find ourselves and our love as a couple trapped within this dynamic.  Sometimes these reasons even prevent us from being able to develop relationships.

The purpose of this workshop is to release the natural flow of love in relationships, through releasing the blocks that prevent this natural flow from happening.

During the workshop, we will familiarize ourselves with the flow of love in a relationship.  We’ll learn what blocks the flow of love in each of the partners, and we’ll aim for a situation where both partners will be able to experience the flow of love in all life situations.

The Couples Harmony method for revitalizing relationships has been used very successfully over the years.  Its effectiveness has been proven both for existing couples and for individuals who want to achieve a good relationship. In the workshop we will use the power of the inner male and female parts of the psyche to open the flow of love for an existing or future relationship. We’ll use practical tools to release the flow of love and to maintain it when dealing with life challenges that may arise. The workshop is intended both for people who are in relationships, and for those who are looking for a relationship.

During and after the workshop, participants will experience great improvement in their relationships with their partners, with their immediate environment and with themselves. Participants will become deeply aware of their love as a life force that fills and nourishes them.

More information about the method and the flow of love in a relationship can be found in the article “The flow of love in a relationship

Who Is This Workshop For?

  • anyone who wants to restore the love in their relationship and in their life
  • anyone who wants to create a constant flow of love in their relationship
  • anyone who wants to open up the possibility for a loving relationship in their life

What Do Participants Say?

“I think that he is committed to the flow of love
and it makes everything more achievable”

“It turns out that when I let go and stop making an effort,
it brings him closer and it makes him share his love.
It is such a wonderful revelation.
The coaching in love flow is getting deeper and deeper.“

More Details About the Workshop:

  • Date and time: 11 September 2023, 10:00 – 17:00
  • Venue: SoLua in Perreiro Grande at Alentejo Portugal
  • Participation fee: we use sliding scale of 50 to 80 Euro for one, and 90 to 130 Euro for couples
  • Advance payment of 20 Euro is required upon enrollment (reimbursed if participation is cancelled in writing before no later than 10 days prior to commencement of the workshop)
  • For lunch: participants will bring food with them for a mutual meal
  • To register: please fill out the form or contact Luna on Whatsapp or Telegram to tel +972-54-921-5338
  • The workshop is designed for a group of up to 20 participants.
  • The workshop will be held in English

About the Workshop Presenter:

Iris Sovinsky, previously a hi-tech senior manager, and more recently, the developer of the Couples Harmony and the Inner Encounter methods, which connect us with the subconscious parts of our psyche. Working with the subconscious allows us to reach and communicate with deeper parts of our psyche.  These parts are usually hidden from view but have a great impact on how we live our lives.

Iris coaches couples and individuals and helps clients to identify their personal purpose using these hidden parts of the psyche. She also works with crisis situations, including depression, anxiety and trauma.

Iris Sovinsky presents her lectures and workshops in a way that is clear and accessible to all, even when the subjects are complex. She illustrates her presentations with examples from her own experiences, and with humor. Through her unique approach, participants in her workshops discover new insights about themselves and their lives. During the workshop, participants will receive efficient tools for creating change and achieving self-fulfillment, and the impact of the workshop will resonate long after its conclusion.

For Inquiry and Registration

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